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NJ Lottery Poker Game Pulled Because Maker Misunderstood How Hands Are Ranked

“High Card Poker” was a huge bust for the New Jersey Lottery. A new scratch-off game involving poker that debuted statewide on Aug. 7 was pulled just three days later …
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The Rules Guy: Some Home Game Situations

Most players learn poker’s explicit rules pretty quickly: the “one-chip rule,” for example, or “verbal declarations are binding.” But not everyone seems to have digested the game’s vast book of …
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Masked Man Tries To Rob Poker Game At Gunpoint, Players Overpower And Subdue Him

Fortunately, no one was holding aces and eights in this poker game. Police say that a man broke into a basement home game early Sunday in New Jersey, but the …
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Updated Poker Machine To Take On Poker Players In $290,000 Winner-Take-All Game

Forget fake chips, time for the real money. After crushing four elite poker pros in an historic January heads-up no-limit hold’em competition to the tune of more than 14 big …
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Trump Holding Underpair In Election Poker Game

Hillary Clinton is all in preflop with a big pocket pair, while Trump has his chips in the middle with an underpair. According to, that’s about what the chances …
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Florida Racinos Appealing Card Game Ruling

Earlier this month, a judge in Florida said that racetracks aren’t allowed to run “designated-player” games, such as Ultimate Texas Hold’em and three-card poker, because of a ban on house-banked …
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11 Arrested In South Carolina Poker Game Raid

Eleven poker players in Lexington County, South Carolina are in trouble with the law after police raided their underground game Thursday, according to a report from The police seized …
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Learning No-Limit From Scratch: What You Need To Develop A Winning Poker Game

Much is said about the importance of the will to win. But what is often overlooked and of greater importance is the will to prepare to win. Developing a winning …
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FanDuel Executive: Poker Is Not A Game Of Skill

An executive for a leading daily fantasy sports site might have ruffled some feathers in the poker community. In an interview with PBS, the chief financial officer of FanDuel said …
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OWR 2016 NFL NFC Championship Game Free Picks

Arizona at Carolina -3 Modern times have shown home field in the playoffs is only a slight advantage, but having this game in Carolina is a really big deal. With support at home Arizona looked off their game, how will they perform at Carolina? Keys to the matchup: Carolina playing at home is a huge… Read more »



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